Can a Motorcycle Injury be Covered When You Didn’t Have Health Insurance?

If you don’t have health insurance, be sure to buy medal payments coverage on your motorcycle insurance policy.

Another coverage called uninsured/underinsured coverage on your motorcycle insurance policy will pay you a lot of money when you’re injured in a motorcycle accident by someone who doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance. Depending on your insurance company you can buy uninsured/underinsured limits of $250,000, $300,000, $500,000, or more. To see how much you need, use this uninsured/underinsured coverage calculator.

In March of 2010, Congress passed and President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the health insurance reform law). The law created a new program to make health coverage available to people with pre-existing conditions called the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP).

However, on February 16, 2013, the federally-run Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) stopped accepting new enrollment applications until further notice and state-based PCIPs will suspend acceptance of new enrollment applications on March 2, 2013. See if your state is a state-based PCIP.

The good news is that starting January 1, 2014, the Affordable Care Act guarantees that all Americans, regardless of their health status or pre-existing conditions, will finally have access to affordable health insurance coverage. You will be able to choose a health insurance company and apply for affordable coverage in “Health Insurance Marketplaces” when open enrollment begins on October 1, 2013 for health insurance coverage beginning on January 1, 2014.

Starting January 1, 2014, the law prohibits insurance companies from refusing to sell health insurance coverage or refusing to renew health insurance policies because of a person’s pre-existing condition which would include a motorcycle injury. Also starting in 2014, individuals whose employers don’t offer them insurance will be able to buy health insurance directly in an “Exchange”. This is a competitive insurance marketplace where individuals and small businesses can buy affordable and qualified health benefit plans. Exchanges will offer a choice of health plans that meet certain benefits and cost standards.

If you don’t currently have health insurance, make sure that you apply during open enrollment beginning on October 1, 2013.  If you don’t have coverage beginning in 2014 you will still be able to apply after a motorcycle accident but you will not have coverage during the 3-6 week enrollment period.


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